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PROTECT local authority and ensure livestock animals are protected

House Bill 951 is a disguised attempt of industry self-regulation. It will prohibit cities and counties from inspecting animal agriculture facilities, and block law enforcement and animal control officers from inspecting dog breeding facilities, animal abuse complaints, or petting zoos for ANY statutory violation, not just those related to animal care. Act now to protect our local communities and the millions of livestock, companion and exotic animals trapped in a cycle of abuse.


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stop weakening regulations for industrialized AGRICULTURE

Senate Bill 391 would ban county commissions and health center boards from imposing standards or requirements on any agricultural operations, eliminating local control for counties and municipalities that have health ordinances regulating those operations, such as factory farms. Please use your voice to oppose SB391 and protect livestock animals and Missouri’s citizens from dangerous factory farming pollution.



stop dangerous regulations against working animals

House Bill 559 and Senate Bill 416 are deliberate attempts of industry self-regulation. They will prohibit cities and counties from enacting regulation on commerce animals, putting the consumer at risk and leaving thousands of animals vulnerable to neglect and abuse. H.B. 559 and S. 416 would place undue hardship on Missouri localities and strip their right to regulate puppy mills, pet stores selling puppies from puppy mills, circus and exotic animals, horse carriages, service animals, factory farming, and more.


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END BSL Statewide

Experts, researchers, and just about every reputable humane organization agrees that breed specific legislation (BSL) doesn't work at preventing dog bites or other dangerous encounters with dogs. It’s costly and difficult to enforce, and result in the euthanasia of thousands of dogs. Speak up now to help pass House Bill 297!