2019 Legislative Session


HB297 - Filed by Rep. Hicks - Action Alert!

Ends breed specific legislation (BSL) statewide.

HB828 - Filed by Rep. Bayse

Increase in animal abuse penalties for second time offenders.

HB43 - Filed by Rep. Burnett 

Increases the penalties for the offense of animal abuse for first time offenders and in cases of torture and mutilation from the lowest class misdemeanor to the lowest class felony. 

HB59 - Filed by Rep. Bangert 

Provides immunity from civil liability for persons who render assistance to animals trapped in motor vehicles.

HB 107 - Filed by Rep. Sommer 

Brings service dogs in line with ADA definitions and standards.

HB111 - Filed by Rep. Sommer 

Allows judges to order psych. evaluations for animal abusers.

HB260 - Filed by Rep. Taylor

Imposes civil penalties for poaching certain animals.

HB370 - Filed by Rep. Gregory

Extends protection orders to pets.

HB934 - Filed by Rep. Hicks

Prohibits a public or private institution of higher education from carrying out unnecessary scientific and medical research on animal subjects that would cause significant pain or distress.


HB559 - Filed by Rep. Spencer and SB416 - Filed by Sen. Bernskoetter

Ban regulations and ordinances working animals that would prohibit cities and counties from adopting regulations on pet store sales, exotic animal acts, horse carriages, puppy mills, and farm animals.

SB391 - Filed by Sen. Bernskoetter

Would ban county commissions and county health center boards from imposing standards or requirements (orders, acts, rules, regulations, etc.) on any agriculture operation.

HB951 - Filed by Rep. Haden

Would grant Missouri Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture the exclusive authority to inspect the grounds or facilities in Missouri used for the production of eggs, milk or other dairy, raising of livestock, or production or raising of dogs or other animals not used to produce any food product.

HB204 - Filed by Rep. Anderson and SB 115 - Filed by Sen.Crawford

Force law enforcement officers to leave animals in the hands of their abusers, eliminate the ability of animal control officers under public health departments to apply for warrants (placing a financial burden on our cities and counties to do so), and shorten the disposition hearing process from 30 days to 10 days.

HB1242 - Filed by Rep. Pogue

Modifies the provisions relating to captive deer - transferring the regulation from the Missouri Department of Conservation to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

HJR20 - Filed by Rep. Dinkins

Proposes a constitutional amendment to assert the right of Missourians to hunt and fish, eliminating local wildlife protection ordinances, and possibly preventing ballot measures to restrict hunting and trapping activities.

HJR52 - Filed by Rep. Ross

Proposes a constitutional amendment excluding animals born and held in captivity by private entities from regulation by the conservation commission.

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